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Heading 3

An unconventional, alternative approach for healing PTSD, CPTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Phobias. 

The Gateway Process has a success rate of over 90%.  It works through the science of neuroplasticity using the most effective Neurolinguistic Programming principals, resulting in rapid and powerful results. 

Emotional flashbacks

  *triggered in the present 

  *feeling powerless

  *overdramatic emotions


Toxic shame

  *feeling flawed

  *feeling loathsome, ugly,

   stupid, worthless


Isolating Self

  *social anxiety

  *phone anxiety




  *extreme startle reflex

  *hypersensitivity to lights,

   sounds, touch, etc


•Tyrannical Inner and/or Outer Critic

  *harsh critical words to self


•Feelings of loneliness


•Feelings of abandonment


•Self abandonment

  *lack of self love, self care


•Fragile Self-Esteem


•Constant frustration

  *with life in general


•Relationship difficulties


•Oversensitivity to stress


•Suicidal Ideation


•Sleep problems


•Lacking energy





You may have some, and some have all. 

You can take the test for a self-evaluation.

Do these feel familiar to you?

Over 70% of clients are PTSD-free with just one session. Over 90% are free in 3 sessions (using the standard PSSI-5).

This method is a modified and tailored therapeutic process from NLP Therapy (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  The Gateway Process has been successfully used to help people recover from overwhelming events and the associated anxiety.  
The process involves replaying the visual memory of a painful incident
, but in entirely different way than how you normally replay a memory.  You do not re-live the event.  I use many tools to support you so that you feel safe in order for you to process what is ready to be healed.

This method disrupts the painful way an experience is remembered and enables the person’s mind to recode/rewire the event in a way that does not bother them.
Faster and more effective than older forms of
No talk therapy
No medications



"Thank you for changing my life!"
-Mel T.

"I want to shout from the rooftops
how amazing this program is!"
-Nicole V.

"It's a life changer!"

~Lydia W.

"I don't have negative thoughts anymore!"
~Logan M.

 "Oh my God, it is miraculous!" 
~Cyndi B.

I asked my coach, "What is this?"
She replied,

"Welcome to normal!"

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