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If you are in a crisis, you may contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline    1-800-273-8255

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The Gateway Process

Cheri Meeks

iGNLP Certified

Associate NLP Practitioner


I healed from CPTSD using this process.  I didn't realize, for decades, that it was PTSD that was causing all of my symptoms. Prior to healing, I was suicidal (passive), and became agoraphobic.  The world was too overwhelming and unbearable.  I read all the books, watched videos online, joined all the social media groups, anything related to PTSD to figure out what I needed to do to heal. I was determined to heal.  I cleaned up my diet, spent more time in nature, and did everything in my power to feel better.  I was cleared of PTSD in January 2022 with this powerful and simple technique.  It changed my life so profoundly that I knew I needed to do this for others, and it became my passion and my mission!  I continued my research to understand mental health on a deeper level so that I can continue to guide others through their healing journey.  It is a privilege to work with each one of my clients.  They are all the strongest people I know.  My fellow hero's🙏🏼


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