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PTSD- Operation Checkmate!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Got Triggers?!

LONG post, but it is saving lives. Will you join me in sharing?

This is personal, raw and vulnerable.

We shared a video to raise awareness for mental health on our youtube channel. I explained some symptoms of PTSD, more specifically C-PTSD. The video has over 35K views in 2 days, with an overwhelming response of over 500 comments. So many didn’t know their symptoms were PTSD, including doctors, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and others. So many are suffering needlessly.

I can help others remove their darkness and hand them a light that they can pass on to others. The Gateway Process rewires your brain. It stores memories in the correct space. It dissolves old programs your brain runs in the background, programs that do not serve you. It is so empowering. I am up early every morning, no longer needing 3 hours and 3 cups of coffee to wake up, I spring out of bed ready for the day. I am experiencing so many 'firsts'. I may be an extrovert after all. Maybe my Introverted-ness was really ptsd (coping mechanism)?

I had a process similar to The Gateway Process done to me prior to some scheduled events. I had originally decided to cancel going to these events. Having to socialize for hours was so intimidating and anxiety provoking. I would have anxiety thinking about the anxiety I would have. (Ruminating much??) I then scheduled my session to have a process similar to The Gateway Process done, to see if I could heal from my C-PTSD. I felt better after I had the process done, and so I decided to go. I was excited to go (weird)! It was an 'experiment'. I was able to have eye contact with each person, engage in conversation with them, comprehending their words, without ‘checking out’ aka dissociation. We had a line for 3 ½ hours of people that just wanted to meet us, say a few words, and get a pic. (our youtube channel viewers). That would have overwhelmed me before. I was never stressed, and handled it with ease. The best part? Feeeeling the love! I felt it. I connected with each person on a level I have never experienced. My body wasn’t too busy in fight/flight mode, and stressing about not being able to keep up with a conversation, that I had the capacity to connect in a way I never have. So very grateful. I literally cried with joy a few times that someone actually apologized for 'making' me cry lol. I was just so moved by the LOVE. It was a beautiful experience. I had to learn this technique. And so I did! And since then I have incorporated things to make it better, more streamlined, made additions, and taken away unnecessary elements to make it so very powerful. And so The Gateway Process was born. Since then it has helped so many escape the hell of PTSD. It has been so rewarding seeing people's faces when they can't 'find' their anxiety, sadness, anger, etc.

There are so many now waking up to the fact that so many mental health issues are really misdiagnosed, and that at the core, is unprocessed trauma. Everyone has trauma. Death, car accidents, divorce, injuries, surgeries, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, being bullied, neglect, weather trauma (think Hurricane Hugo for my Charleston friends), even witnessing a traumatic event can be traumatic, also I have read that the mother shares her nervous system with her fetus. Something more I want to research. We, as a society, do not process our emotions properly. We are trained not to emote. Are you a human?? Emotions need to move. E-motion is energy in motion. Our society has made it a bad thing. Especially men and little boys. (example: Big boys don’t cry….Suck it up, buttercup!) This does not serve you! Strength is being authentic. TAKE OFF YOUR MASK!!!

If you don’t process emotions properly, the emotions get stuck in the body and manifest as disease and disorder. Not only mental disease/disorder, but also physical. Most (if not all) diagnosis in the DSM-5 have crossover symptoms that now, it is being suggested, that all of them are actually from trauma, at its core. It manifests differently for everyone, which makes it difficult to get a proper diagnosis. C in CPTSD stands for COMPLEX. That word is an understatement. Diagnosis such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, ODD, DID, OCD, BPD, Depression, Anxiety, Narcisissm, MPD, etc. all may actually be unprocessed trauma. Even Autism. I was questioning my sensory issues (lights too bright, sounds too loud, startle reflex out of control, smells felt like an assault, body temp dysregulation) and so I took an online autism spectrum test. The results? Aspergers. But it’s not, it really was PTSD. It affects the ‘Executive Functioning’ of the brain, in the prefrontal cortex..can it really be this simple? Perhaps. Do any of these resonate with you? These are a 'few' symptoms that I had that I no longer experience.

*Trouble starting and/or completing tasks

*Have difficulty prioritizing tasks

*Forget what they just heard or read (working memory)

*Have trouble following directions or following ‘steps’

*panic when rules or routines change

*having trouble switching focus from one task to another

*get overly emotional

*fixate on things

*trouble organizing thoughts

*trouble managing time

*ruminating thoughts

*trouble falling asleep

*trouble staying asleep

*trouble waking up

*intrusive thoughts

*focus on the negative

I had anxiety just opening the mail and answering phone calls. So I just didn’t do either.

It was debilitating.

I’m working on an exhaustive list of symptoms for a resource. The ptsd test is so outdated and inadequate. It doesn’t include many symptoms of C-PTSD. I use it to gauge success up against mainstream mental therapy. A reduction of 10 points in a clinical mental health setting in mainstream medicine is considered successful. This is not acceptable! The Gateway Process has demonstrated a reduction of 65+ points in ONE session. This is unheard of in the 'clinical world'. That needs to change.

People are being diagnosed like wildfire with C-PTSD and it hasn’t even made the DSM-5 (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) yet. It is officially a diagnosis in Europe.

Too many people are struggling with addiction because of this! Alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, overworking, etc. These are coping methods. I had a problem with alcohol, but it was because I needed *something* to cope with the symptoms and to be able to knock myself out for sleep. When others are struggling with addiction, we need to embrace this person, instead of judging them, because they need love and support instead of feeling judged, which in turn creates shame (and MORE trauma). This is re-enforcing the trauma! And since everyone has some kind of trauma in their lifetime, we all need to have more compassion and love for our fellow humans. #BeKind

I won’t talk about intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation here. There is passive suicidal ideation, and active suicidal ideation. People that struggle with this DO NOT SHARE with their friends and family! Why? Because either you will be labeled as crazy, attention seeking or decide you need to be institutionalized. Does that sound ‘safe’? No. But these are the people that NEED to be able to share without being judged.

The Gateway Process is going to change the world. I am on a mission. As one heals, we all heal, and as one rises, we all rise. Together, we can heal the planet. Let’s make this a global rising. Yes, I am thinking BIG. I feel empowered and THIS IS MY PURPOSE. I will not be deterred. I understand the ramifications of sharing something that will affect government, corporations, medical providers, and especially ‘big pharm’, but I am prepared. No more need for toxic chemical concoctions for mental disorders? That is a great plan! Heal the brain and the body follows. Unprocessed emotions get stored in the body (Read: The Body Keeps the Score) and manifest as disease and disorder. Cancer? Heart disease? All nervous system disorders? We will find out! Heal mental disorder and then drug abuse, alcohol dependence, etc will dissipate. Everyone can be in a better mental space to feel empowered and live their best life! Bring the darkness to light. Will you help me share this message with the world? Will you be a part of this rising up, empowering others, healing the world? Do you have a friend or family member that can use this healing? I have had several friends and family that I have treated. I have been shocked at the amount of people in my ‘circle’ that have had these realizations that they do, in fact, have PTSD. Most that hear the term PTSD automatically think, VET IN WAR ZONE. No, it is so much more prevalent in society than what YOU even realize. This is HUGE. SO many don’t even know they have it! Raising awareness is a huge passion for me. We need to wake up the world, and have a global awakening to what is really going on here. This is how we change the ‘climate’.

I don’t have a mask on anymore. I am free. I am my authentic self.

I am sharing, because if it helps ONE person, if it saves the life of ONE person, if it gives back the beauty of the world for ONE person, if it helps ONE person to connect to others, to LOVE and feel JOY and HAPPINESS and GRATEFULNESS, it is worth it.

Please share the resources with others that can benefit. If you would like the treatment, I’m here for you. I will take wonderful care of you. Each and every person deserves to be happy and free of trauma from the past. I am working on a course so that this can spread like wildfire so more can be free. Join me for this world-changing cause.

My little pawn turned into a QUEEN on the chess board, and the next move….



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